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Honiton Charter Day!

Jul 29, 2021 | Blog, Uncategorised

Come & See Us!

Honiton Town, how we have missed you.  We are all a bit excited here as on Saturday we have a stall on what we believe is the 800th Charter Day.  Please come and see us and say hello!


Although we won’t be able to offer advice on the day (for confidentiality reasons) we do have a number of goodie bags to give away (including some hand warmers…. we have asked our organiser, Jess, why hand warmers in this humid heat!?). You can come and chat to us about our video booths, how to get in contact with us if you do need advice and all our exciting projects that we are currently running or in our pipeline.


Since we had to shut our office in Honiton – your volunteers are all working from home – we are still providing the same service as ever remotely we are still actively looking for somewhere local we can come home to – which we can make Covid safe.   As an Offwell resident currently travelling to Exmouth – I can’t wait to get somewhere nearer that I can travel to 😊.  If you know anywhere you think might be suitable, with a reasonable rent (we are a charity after all) please come and let us know.



Do you have any uniforms, stationary, smellies, shoes suitable for school, trainers, football boots etc that your children have grown out of?  Please consider following the likes of our friends at Littletown Primary and donate them to us. Bring them to Charter Day and we can take it from you there.  We will be on Allhallows playing field.

Concerned about the environmental impact of uniform?  We will shortly be uploading all the uniform we have on our website for you to choose from.  We will get it bundled up for you and find a convenient time to get it to you ready for September.  The best bit? it’s all FREE!   It is our aim that every child in East Devon will be going back to school proud of what they are wearing, feeling smart and confident and ready to learn.  We may be able to provide equipment as well.  No questions asked.


Pension Credit

If you are or know a pensioner please come over, they might be entitled to more money.  We know that there are 3 million retirees who are being underpaid pension credit and may be owed money.


Cant wait to see you

We have always been so proud to be part of the town and are really looking forward to seeing you all.

PS if you have ever been one of our clients, don’t worry confidentiality is always ensured just like it is when we pass in Tesco or at the School Gates – we won’t mention it so you can come and say hello without any fear or worry.

We really hope to see you!

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 We Care Because You Matter 

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