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Caring for Someone

One of the most popular questions coming into our local office in the last few weeks is what you can do if you need to be off work to care for someone who is usually looked after either at school or day care and they can't go to their usual placements, or you can't...

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Covid-19 Face Coverings

On the 24th July 2020 in East Devon it became law that you have to wear a face covering when on public transport such as buses and training and is shops and supermarkets. If you do not wear a facemask without good reason, transport companies can refuse to let you...

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Protection for Families in Rented Accommodation

When lockdown happened back in March, among the many things put into place for families was the protection that anyone in rented accommodation could not be evicted for three months. This was extended to the 23 rd August and gave millions of renters piece of mind....

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