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IT for Schools

Feb 9, 2021 | Family

Donations for IT Equipment for Local Schools

IT for Schools

In these uncertain times, we want to provide some stability and security to local schools and students by donating IT equipment to help with learning at home. There are families with no equipment to educate their little ones and some that have one device between multiple children. We want to change that by providing IT Equipment for Schools.

Our resilient little heroes have suffered the most throughout this pandemic with constant changes, misinformation, not knowing what is to come and missing out on vital social interactions. In addition to this, many families have faced financial hardship as well as mental health issues. As a community charity, we want to support schools & students by giving them the tools they need to keep on track with their learning.

We are asking for any businesses or individuals, who would like to contribute in any way to this worthy cause, to please contact us.