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Supporting Refugees

Sep 29, 2021 | Blog, Family

Sign saying Refugees Welcome

Supporting Refugees 

‘So if you had told me this morning, that I would be reduced to tears over Tampax. Chances are that I wouldn’t have believed you. But I did.’ 


That was said by our Team Leader, Sheran, just the other morning when she arrived at our Exmouth office. Following the unrest in Afghanistan, Exmouth residents have opened their arms and hearts to fifteen refugee families. Citizens Advice East Devon were accepted to act as a donation point. We received a phenomenal amount of clothes, toys, toiletries, gifts and messages of love and support for those families – you can see how much we have received by checking out our Facebook video here.

 Needless to say, we were brought to tears with this generosity. We are brimming with pride for our community which appears to be bursting at the seams with love and compassion, what a truly beautiful place to live and work. Thank you, thank you so much. 


These refugees were some of the last to leave Kabul before the Taliban took control, and many of us are familiar with the terrifying scenes that played out at the airport and across the city as people fled for their lives. They have witnessed humanity at it’s cruellest so it fills our hearts that we can show them humanity at its best now. Exmouth has provided temporary accommodation, and whilst more permanent housing will be established, this may not be in our local area. While they are here we are so happy to welcome them into our community. Boxes filled with essentials have already been collected and delivered. 


Everyone has the capacity to give. Everyone can make a difference. We all have the capacity for good – to understand that when you have had to flee your homeland with nothing but the clothes on your back, a warm welcome from your new community is one of the most precious gifts anyone can receive. We hope they can create a happy life here in the UK. 


Drawings by the children from Exeter Road Primary School for the Afghan Refugees.


Together With Refugees 

Citizens Advice East Devon have also joined a coalition of organisations supporting refugees called Together With Refugees. The Coalition stands for people’s ability to seek safety in the UK no matter how they came here. It means ensuring people can live in dignity while they wait to hear if they will be granted protection. It means empowering refugees to rebuild their lives and make valuable contributions to their communities. You can get involved too, check out the website here to see how.  


We are all human. It’s just pure luck we’re born in this country and blessed with so much privilege. Sharing that love costs us nothing and makes our communities that much richer.  


Spread love. 


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