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Life Has Changed

Feb 22, 2021 | Blog, Elderly

Life Has Changed. It’s been almost a year since our whole world turned upside down. There have been people lucky enough to make things work and adapt to lockdown life. Others have not been so lucky. Some have lost loved ones, lost jobs, others have juggled kids, home-schooling and working but we have all been stung by the isolation. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t long for a hug from a friend or family member. It has also demonstrated our strength and resilience as a community though. I’ve seen wonderful things happening throughout, it makes me think of that beautiful Bob Marley line ‘light up the darkness’ – I try to remember that on the difficult days.

Life Has Changed…

Many companies and organisations have also had to adapt to this new way of working, this includes Citizens Advice East Devon. It’s not been without complications but everyone has stuck together and made it work whilst keeping their spirits up. Their dedication to helping those in need has spurred them on to change the way they work. Of course, it helps to be led by a superb CEO and Team leader. All of whom I can only describe as awesome human beings, full of compassion whose only aim is to help.

Life Has Changed…

In addition to changing pretty much everything, they have also been hard at work coming up with plans to make life better for our community and ensure we are as effective as we can be. Our CEO and Project Coordinator have come up with some genius and very exciting plans. We will be launching them throughout the year. We know we have to move with the times which unfortunately may mean a less sociable future. This is why all our services are now over the phone and online so we can continue to help. There are plans for video booths to be set up in local towns so if you want face to face interactions we can still offer it. We are looking into providing face to face meetings from the comfort of your own home as well. We want to give as many options as we can.

I think I may have said too much, you’ll have to wait and see what’s to come.

We know so many people have faced hardships over the past year so the first of our projects, is the Covid Winter Grant Scheme. This scheme helps heat homes for those in need and we’ve already paid out £9,700! See our news page for more information or get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

Life Has Changed…

With so many companies going under or having to cut budgets, employment & redundancies is a hot topic. It’s affecting a huge amount of people. To help this situation, our second project launch was our Employment & Redundancy project. In collaboration with Learn Devon, we can offer some helpful stuff! We have created an additional service to help you get back into work through advice, support and educational courses. We will also ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to and maximise your income.

There are some exciting projects coming in the next few weeks battling issues we see most often. These include housing, feeding your family, debt help and education. We are closely monitoring our statistics to see where help is needed most. No one should be left behind.

Life Has Changed…

I can rattle on about how awesome Citizens Advice East Devon is all day long but it will probably make you sick with all the mushy stuff. So please just know this, each and every employee and volunteer are here because they care. If you need help, there are no better people to come to.

Get in touch.

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