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Jun 24, 2021 | Blog, Family

The Beginning of Kit 4 Kids….

On Sunday, we read a heart breaking article in The Guardian regarding clothing banks and poverty in the UK. Of course we know from our data how many families are struggling in East Devon and for them, we do what we can. What started off as a very normal chat within Citizens Advice East Devon, (venting our frustrations with the world and coming up with mad plans to fix it) we came up with the idea ‘Kit 4 Kids’. I can tell you now, that conversation perked right up. There were ideas flying all over the shop, we can speak to schools about being drop off points, let’s get a local launderette involved, we have to see if any local businesses want to help, room 6 can be a stock room etc. So that’s how it started.


Why do we need this project?…

But why, in 2021, in one of the richest countries in the world, do these families need help? It can be for all sorts of reasons, the most common reasons are death of a loved one, becoming sick or disabled, relationship breakdown, survivor of domestic abuse or redundancy. Since the pandemic, families needing support has increased by 49% and 95% of those accessing food banks were destitute meaning they were unable to afford basic necessities like food, heating, electricity.

Scroll to the bottom to find some real examples of peoples budgets.


Let’s face it, kids can be mean, bullying happens. For those children with struggling families, they are already at risk of low mental health as a result of being hungry, being cold, not getting all the wonderful toys their friends get etc. Throw in bullying for being poor, scruffy or not having electricity for a shower and that child becomes withdrawn, depressed, with low self esteem, their concentration levels go down and with that their grades. Such a simple problem of providing uniforms could be the difference of a child excelling in life or not. That my friends, is tragic and it’s happening on your doorstep.


The Plan…

We need to work fast to be ready for September. So we have asked you, our lovely East Devon  community, to donate any unwanted uniforms or items from the list below. Drop them off at your local school and we will do the rest. We will repair, launder and give out to families who are struggling, no questions asked. Any items that are not salvageable will be used by one of our many crafters or donated to other clothing charities, nothing will be wasted.

The issue is bigger than uniforms alone, here is a list of what is needed:-

  • Uniforms
  • PE Kits
  • Shoes
  • bags
  • coats
  • hair clips
  • stationary
  • underwear & socks
  • toiletries


We can only accept new underwear, socks & toiletries. If you’d like to donate to the project, even a cash donation, we and those families will be so grateful.


The Kit 4 Kids Webpage…

There will be a new page on our site that will have details of what stock we have available, statistics & information and updates on our progress. There will also be two forms, one for requesting uniforms and the second for any donations. Please complete the form even if you don’t see the items you need. We will continue to get items so as soon as we have what you need, we will let you know!


How else can you help?…

If you don’t have anything to donate but want to be involved there are other ways to help.

  1. Please like / follow our social media. When you see posts about Kit 4 Kids (or any others you like) please share them with friends & family. The more people that know about this project the better.
  2. Donate other items such as new underwear, socks & toiletries Contact us here.
  3. If you have connections to local businesses, please let them know to contact us if they’d like to help. We would add their names to our website to show who has supported this venture.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, together we can do it.


volunteer with us

 We Care Because You Matter 

Jess. P