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Access to Work

  Access to Work: getting support in work as a disabled person   What is Access to Work? Access to Work is a government programme aimed at supporting disabled people to ensure they are not substantially disadvantaged in the workplace. This can include the...

Honiton Charter Day!

Come & See Us! Honiton Town, how we have missed you.  We are all a bit excited here as on Saturday we have a stall on what we believe is the 800th Charter Day.  Please come and see us and say hello!   Although we won’t be able to offer advice on the day (for...

Paying Your Rent

The Importance of Paying Your Rent.   ‘It is not in the public interest to release the analysis undertaken on the potential impact on poverty of withdrawing £20 uplift to universal credit and working tax credit’. These were the headlines from the DWP that...
Kit 4 Kids

Kit 4 Kids

The Beginning of Kit 4 Kids…. On Sunday, we read a heart breaking article in The Guardian regarding clothing banks and poverty in the UK. Of course we know from our data how many families are struggling in East Devon and for them, we do what we can. What started...

Carers Week

Happy Carer’s Week to all my fellow carers – it’s our week. Though we say Happy Carers Week, sadly, we won’t get a badge, balloon or pay rise but we will at least get some recognition in the media of just how hard it is to care whether that is on a professional basis...