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Our Core Values


Client focus

Our clients are the reason we operate and the focus of all of our strivings. We will evaluate our impact and success by how far we able to support each client to move forward with the issues and difficulties they may be facing. The measure of our effort is how it benefits our clients, and not how it benefits us. We will always look for ways to improve how we shape our services to meet client needs.

Understanding and empathy

Clients come to Citizens Advice to have their voices heard and to be supported. Delivering that support relies on a willingness to listen and hear that client voice, and to be willing to work alongside the client in order to help move them forward. Empathy precludes judgement, but welcomes the chance to signpost new ways of responding to challenge.

Commitment to excellence

Every client deserves the best service we can provide. Our colleagues and stakeholders also deserve the highest level of support to deliver our mutual aims. We will work diligently to apply our skills and knowledge as best we can to support each client, and to further the overall aims of the organisation. Every team member will ensure that they are addressing new challenges with resilience and professionalism.

Team building

We can only support our clients if the team members support each other. Every member of the team brings a range of skills and experience to the table. In our work we will find ways to listen and hear each other’s voices, so that we know who to turn to for support and guidance. Through collaboration we will break down barriers to service delivery. Clients rely on us; we will rely on each other, and we will celebrate each other’s successes as we do our own.

Professional development

The work we undertake can be challenging, and the environment in which we operate is both technical and broad. As practitioners and team members, we owe it to ourselves to make sure that we are always learning and always stretching. The charity sector as a whole will benefit from staff development, so we will look to develop staff in ways that benefit the wider support community.

Community commitment

Citizens Advice East Devon works in and for our community. Our staff are committed to seeing the towns we work from survive and thrive, and to being a trusted and valued part of the wider community. We will always look for opportunities to work collaboratively with partners, as well as seeking to be the service provider of choice in areas where we are in competition with others. Through their actions, our staff will build the awareness and brand of Citizens Advice and ensure that the community come to us for support.

Our Service in Numbers

In 2018-19 we helped 4,500 people with issues and problems

4 in 10 of the clients we help have a long-term health condition

In 2019-20 we will help clients achieve income gains of £2.5 million

Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers are at the heart of all we do.

We’re looking for all sorts of different people for all sorts of roles. Training is provided and it’s a great way to develop your skills. Join us and make a difference for your community! Email us for more details,or read a little more about the roles we have first.